Sex is usually pretty free and easy in the beginning of a relationship. And for most, it’s great! But like anything, if you don’t nurture your sex life it looses its spark and gets old quick.

Most couples that don’t communicate about sex end up stuck in the same old rut year in and year out. One of my jobs as a relationship therapist is to help couples resolve their sexual issues and begin to have loving, passionate sex again. After all, sex is not a one way street unless you are having it by yourself.

One of my favorite romance experts is Jessica Lalonde. She is a Million Dollar Achiever with Passion Parties and has been featured on the TV show, The Doctors. Jessica hosted a ladies luncheon for me and had the women titillated as she spilled the secrets on how women could instantly better their sex life.

I got Jessica to share some tips that you can use for better Sex Tonight! Here is what she had to say:

“How To Have Better Sex Tonight”

by Jessica Lalonde

Sex seems like a pretty explanatory event right? I mean it’s not hard to figure out considering the ages that kids are becoming sexually active now days. However, while the act itself can be easily figured out, it can be difficult for many to experience the complete euphoria it can bring. Many couples engage in the act without taking advantage of the sensory organs they have been blessed with. Sex is meant to be a wonderful thing not a boring “let’s get this over with” task between a man and a woman. Here are some ways you can have better sex tonight….

Make It a Mutual Act

Sex is a mutual act. One has to get his or her partner ready for sex. If one partner is tired or not in the mood, it can become a boring routine event. When this happens, it can leave both partners feeling unfulfilled. Take a shower or a bath with our Romanta Therapy line. These products include pheromones that help to create a calming and at the same time increase the desire your partner has to be close to you.

Love Making

Sex is not just sex. It is an exchange of love between 2 people. That’s why it is called love making. During sex remember that you are also showing love for the other person. Make it about more than just the act itself. Take your time. Slow down. Breathe. A great way to keep your focus on love making is by using a blindfold. A blindfold doesn’t have to be something kinky that is accompanied by whips and chains. A simple blindfold will turn off your sense of sight and in return will heighten all of your other senses. Not ready to try a blindfold, simply keep your eyes closed the entire time.


Foreplay is a must. This is one thing that will stimulate both partners and will help them to achieve orgasm easier. Foreplay is the appetizer to the main dish. If you have a delicious appetizer it increases your desire to try the main dish. There are so many different forms of foreplay. Everything from a massage, a fun little game such as our dirty dice, a dusting with our edible Passion Powder in places that your partner has to find using only their tongue and many more. This is the area where you can be creative. You want to build the desire to get to the main course.


Routines can get boring just as intercourse with the same position every time. Our bodies can do so many amazing things that we won’t figure out until we try. This doesn’t mean that you have to do the 180 degree flip flop upside down limbo. If you try to step outside of your regular routine maybe by facing a different direction or elevating yourself with our Passion Pillow, You may find sensations you have never experienced before. To help you with your quest there are also many informative books for reading. One of my favorites is our Ride Em Cowgirl. This book features positions that you don’t need 10 years of yoga to get into, and has drawings accompanied by an informative description of what the position can do for you and your partner.

Go Somewhere

Yes, the bed is the easiest and more often than not the most accessible place to have sex. Just because it is easy doesn’t mean it has to be exclusive. Try moving your sex location to a different place in the house. Try doing it in the shower, on the floor, in the kitchen, or even the car in the garage. If you are really feeling adventurous you can leave the comfort of your home. Not only will changing locations help to keep things exciting and interesting between you and your partner, but it will also give you a newfound thrill and confidence about yourself as a sexual partner.

Use Enhancement Products When Needed

There are so many problems plaguing men and women that often spill into the bedroom. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer. For men it may be Erectile Dysfunction of which there are many creams, toys, etc… that aide in assisting this problem so it doesn’t have to be such a problem anymore. For women one of the biggest problems they face is not being in the mood. Try our Pure Satisfaction crème! It is like an orgasm in a bottle and helps your body get in the mood. You don’t have to suffer or assume that your sex life is doomed forever.

Be Your Biggest Fan

If you are confident in yourself as a partner, it will make sex more enjoyable for both parties involved. Don’t stress yourself out trying to find the perfect position, location, or foreplay act. Step out of the box and try something different and new. With the holidays coming why not purchase something fun to slip into your partners stocking. Once you start the journey of a wonderful sex life, there will be no turning back. Enjoy it all, and have fun!