Private retreats, intensives and groups with Dr. Eris can help you find that spark within yourself (and your relationship) even after you thought you have “tried everything.”

Escape to the majestic mountain and lake of Whitefish, Montana to connect your hearts and inspire your minds with curated couples counseling and adventures that can help guide you in putting the REAL back into your REALationship.

Embrace spring and summer connection with adventures like paddle boarding, boating, horseback riding or ropes courses. Enjoy the Winter Wonderland with adventures like Snowboard and Ski, cross country ski, or adventuring on a snowmobile, while taking panoramic views of Lake Water and Glacier Mountain summits.

Your individually curated couples therapy will bematched with experiences that will inspire you to connect. Customizable private retreats and intensives are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual or couple. They are done at our three acre retreat location in Whitefish, Montana nestled into the Mountains.

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Dr. Eris specializes in working with individuals and couples who feel hopeless, or on the brink of divorce, and guides them to rekindle that love for themselves and each other that they once had. She gives tools that last a lifetime by focusing on solutions to solve their problems. Working with Dr. Eris is truly a life-changing experience. She will help you transform your life, let go of the past, and survive and thrive like never before.

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