Dr. Eris, 

I’ve had a big crush on this guy that I’ve known for a couple of months now. I see him every once in a while at the dog park. I think that we are both interested in each other but he hasn’t asked me out. I know that he plays in a softball league on Saturdays. Do you think that I should show up at one of his games and ask him if he is available? Or, do you think that I should ask him out next time that I see him at the dog park?


Dr. Eris Suggests:

I think that it is great that you have a crush! However, I would not become his stalker. I do not suggest showing up at his game unless he invites you. Next time that you see him at the dog park be open, flirtatious and smile. See where the conversation goes. If he asks for your number then you know that he is interested.

To your dating success!

Dr. Eris



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