Eating clean is always a challenge and eating clean while on the road is extra challenging. This week I welcomed that challenge. I was scheduled to travel for work this week and with the Arnold just 10 days away, I really needed to be on top of my nutrition, so this was my plan of attack…

The day prior to my arrival, I called the hotel and requested a refrigerator and microwave. I was in luck and they had both available. When I arrived in Orlando, my first stop was Whole Foods where I picked up some supplies to get me through the majority of my meals.

In addition to my supply of Isagenix meal replacement shakes and bars, my shopping list included organic rolled oats, frozen mixed berries, frozen spinach, frozen peppers, liquid egg whites, Udo’s oil, Greek yogurt, and asparagus. I remembered to pack my measuring cup (1/4 c.) and my measuring spoons, but I forgot to pack a bowl so I had to make do with the two coffee cups I found in my room.

I used these items for meal #1 (5am), meal #2 (8am), meal #3 (11:30), and meal #4. My other meals consisted of the clean eats I found at the convention and the restaurants in the evenings. The extra effort was worth it and I feel great!