It has been years now since online dating has taken the internet by storm, being THE Hot Spot for singles looking for love. If you have been disappointed in the old school way of dating, then online dating is the way to go.

Of course there are drawbacks to dating online, such as being lied to or mislead. But that can happen to you any way you go about dating. Searching for “the one” on dating sites can open your world to millions of singles you would never met otherwise.

So, ask yourself, “what if my soulmate is on E-harmony or Match and I was too stubborn or had excuses not to join?” That would be sad…

If you think that you have been there, done that with online dating, give it one more shot. Let the universe know that you are ready to call in “The One.”

This time give it your all.

Make sure that you have a great full body shot, and a nice head shot. Have a friend or dating coach help you with your profile. When you decide on the first time to meet in person, make sure that it is in a public place. Coffee or a drink is very noncommittal and easy to end. Never do the “my place or yours” on a first date. Also, make sure that you tell a friend the name of the person and place that you are going on a date with. You can use sources such as to see if there are any danger signals that have been reported about your date.

I also wanted to add some Do’s and Don’ts of online dating from the authors of the Hot Chick book series, which includes HOW TO LOVE LIKE A HOT CHICK: THE GIRLFRIEND TO GIRLFRIEND GUIDE TO GETTING THE LOVE YOU DESERVE. They say:



Online dating can be a bit of an investment, so don’t just sign up for E- Harmony because their commercials make you cry. Read about all of the different dating sites and find the one that suits you best.


Treat meeting guys online the same way you treat meeting guys at a bar. You wouldn’t go out with just any sloppy drunk dude who winks at you. (At least, we hope not!) Be selective and pay attention to your ultra important Hot Chick intuition. There should at least be something about him that piques your interest for him to deserve your time and attention.


Not to scare you, but you actually can’t be one hundred percent certain that a guy online is who he says he is. Again, intuition is key, but you should also follow these rules: First, always meet in a public, safe place. If he suggests meeting at a sketchy park after dark, go ahead and suggest an alternative. Second, always tell someone where you are meeting and who you are meeting, just on the off-chance that he happens to be a criminal with a cage in his basement.


You are a Hot Chick, and there is absolutely no need to lie about your age, race, size, or career. You don’t want to get caught in a lie on your first date. You also don’t want to see a look of disappointment in his eyes when you’re not the 5’10, 105 pound supermodel you claimed to be. He’d probably prefer the real you, anyway, so give yourself a chance to make a good impression.


There are so many people online that it can be totally confusing and overwhelming for everyone. So if you see someone who catches your eye, don’t you dare click off the screen and hope that he notices you, too! You may not even come up in his “search” for some random reason. This is way easier than asking a guy out in person, and you have absolutely nothing to lose.



Please don’t be so desperate and narcissistic that you have to be on every single site just so that every single guy has the pleasure of looking at you. Don’t confuse the universe* by telling it that you will date anyone from any site. Plus, do you really have time to check seventeen profiles? If you do, then you’re probably about to lose your job, so start putting some more time into other areas of your life.


Ladies, do not let the anonymity of the internet turn you into a flirty little sex kitten who writes sassy seductive emails and sends nude photos but then freezes up when the recipient of those sexy emails finally asks to meet you face to face. Have some respect for yourself, ladies; you don’t need to pretend to be some porn star to get attention from a man. Show some respect for him, too, and stop leading him on. Work at being genuine about your sexuality, instead, and if you can’t walk the walk…just shut your mouth (or turn off your Blackberry).


Yes, we already told you not to date every guy online who asks, but you can’t be too picky, either. So if you’re gonna go fishing, don’t just catch them to throw them back! If you’ve already hooked them, then why not just give them a taste? It’s a waste of time money and energy if you’re just going to browse. It’s like buying an expensive pair of heels and then never wearing them because you’re afraid they may give you a blister. If you don’t give them a chance, how will you know if they fit just right? Again, use your intuition, and if you’re not 100% sure that you’re not into him, why not give him one chance?


This is not just dating, ladies, it is online dating, which can be hugely impersonal. So don’t take things personally. So what if you’re not getting flooded with as many emails as you’d like? Then start making the first move. And who cares if some of those guys ignore you completely? Maybe they have wives and babies and are just online doing research for a book. Our point is simply that there is no reason to cry over a guy you’ve never met just because he seemed cool on a webpage. Please don’t give the Internet that much power.


We are happy that you are committed to looking for love, but please do not make a career out of online dating. This is merely a tool to help you meet men that you might not normally have the chance to meet. This should not occupy every minute of your life, and you should not shut down and stop meeting men in regular life, too. Keep those hot vibes flowing all day long and go on dates with a mix of people you meet at the mall, at the market, online, and everywhere else. We want you to use this tool for its purpose, but remember to power down your I-book once in a while and get out into the world. Too much surfing and you might just drown.